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20Jun 08

Roger Huerta says that he will have the lightweight (155) title by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Then after that he plans to move to the welterweight (170) class for the UFC. He said he would never fight George St. Pierre and wouldn’t have to when he moves up because GSP would move up as well to middleweight (185) at the same time he does.


Evan Tanner Vs. Kendall Grove
(Kendall Grove Wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round )
Tanner has been sharing with everyone about his coming back journey, but Grove is really hungry for a win. Tanner’s chin was shown during his last fight with Okami. I think Grove can sneak a couple of strikes in with his reach to get a TKO. If not I don’t think Tanner will be able to get past those legs if it goes to the ground. I think Grove wins via TKO in the second.

Amir Sadollah Vs. CB Dollaway
(Amir Sadollah Wins by Submission (Arm Lock) at 3:02 in the 1st round by arm bar)
I am not a big fan of rematches. I really don’t know why this needs to be played out again. A much better fight would have been between Creduer and Amir. During the show CB would just lay and pray. His cardio was even questionable a couple of times. Amir has the most room for improvement out of the two. I do also think CB will be taking this very seriously and will train pretty hard for it. Amir will probably take everything CB will throw at him and wait until CB gets tired to catch him. I think Amir will win via submission in the third round.

Diego Sanchez Vs. Luigi Fioravanti
(Diego Sanchez Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:07 in the 3rd round )
Luigi is not seeing himself as the underdog in this fight, but he probably is. I believe Sanchez is still getting better as a fighter and is still improving. With that said we have not seen everything from him. Luigi does good at weathering storms, but I think Diego will bring it hard for this fight. I think Diego will win via TKO in the first round.

Spencer Fisher Vs. Jeremy Stephens
(Spencer Fisher Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round )
This will be a fun fight to watch. Fisher can have remarkable stand up when someone is not trying to take him down. I think Stephens will probably try to bang with him so we will probably get to see a three round striking war. If that happens I think Fisher will win via decision.

Matt Riddle Vs. Dante Rivera
(Matt Riddle Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round )
I was impressed with Riddle on the show. He has alot of raw talent that could make him a great fighter. With this time off from the show I believe he has probably gotten alot better. Dante will probably fight his same fight. I think Riddle will win via decision.

Matt Brown Vs. Matt Arroyo
( Matt Brown Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:30 in the 2nd round )
This will probably be a good fight. Matt Brown has already defeated Arroyo via TKO before in the past so I think Arroyo will be ready to avenge his previous loss. I still think with Brown’s recent training with TUF he will come in the better fighter. I think Brown wins via TKO again in the second.

Jeremy Horn Vs. Dean Lister
( Dean Lister Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:58 in the 1st round by guillotine)
I really wish this one was on the main card. Lister has also fought Horn in the past and lost via decision. I know Horn has been around for a while and may not draw the big crowds, but a fight between two veteran submission specialists would be a good watch. Lister has been trying to prove his stand up in the octagon so this one will probably go the distance with both fighters not being able to finish the other. Probably Lister will win via decision.

Tim Credeur Vs. Cale Yarbrough
(Fight Cancelled)
I wish this one was on the card too. Tim showed alot of veteran moves in his fights with being able to come back in them and win. Tim improved with his stand up during the show and got to finally show it with CB in his last fight. Cd didn’t seem to press the action the whole fight and only got Tim in trouble one time. Tim just doesn’t quit. I think Cale will be outclassed in the fight and probably fall victim to a submission in the first round.


This book or audio book is something to pick up if you like autobiography type reads on one subject matter in particular. In Eugene Robinson’s case it is about fighting. He goes through his life describing all of his fighting and training experiences mixing it up with big name fighters as well as real life tough guys. He interviews a couple of people about certain types of fighting and the fighting philosophy.


He has a unique way of describing these experiences as if he was on a stage doing some type of rant poetry. Some of the stories mesh together and it is hard to follow. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do you can appreciate the insight Eugene has dug up and has provided in this book. If you are plugged into the current world of mixed martial arts some of the names he drops will be interesting to the MMA fan. His journey through the fight world is as unique as his narration in this book. He doesn’t seem to draw the line anywhere when it comes to fighting and takes any opportunities to explore fighting in its raw form.


It has some brawling experiences that might seem all to familiar with some of his readers. Maybe some hard gritty experiences that would make some reader cringe. Either way everybody should tape their knuckles up, go out and get this book.

After alot of fighters being shuffled around for these fights I think there is gonna be a good card.



Matt Hughes Vs. Thiago Alves
(Thiago Alves Wins by Technical Knock Out at 1:02 in the 2nd round )
Hughes is taking this fight after a lot of switching around that had gone on in the UFC office as far as the main card goes. Both of these guys could use this fight. I am not really sold on Hughes trying to get to the top of the class again to be the champion three times like the commercials have been saying. If he loses this one he can probably not bet on being the champ again or getting a another title shot. I really don’t think he has anything more to prove as a fighter, but those paydays make it hard to leave the sport, so I can understand. Alves has done well in his last few fights against some good opponents, so why not put him up against the ex-champ to test his contendership. Alves is explosive and fast with strikes and takedowns. Hughes will likely try to out-wrestle Alves to get in the more dominate positions to strike out a TKO. If Alves can catch him with something explosive it might go another way. I see this one going to a decision with Hughes fighting the smart three round fight by getting the takedowns and controlling Alves.



Michael Bisping Vs. Jason Day
(Michael Bisping Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:42 in the 1st round )
This fight will be Bisping’s biggest test. Day fights extremely well on his back, but I don’t see Bisping taking this to the ground or at least trying to get it there. Bisping will probably out strike Day, but lacks the KO power to knock him out. So this fight style could favor Day if he can bring it to the ground and work Bisping. I see Day defeating Bisping via submission in the second.



Marcus Davis Vs. Mike Swick
(Mike Swick Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round )
This is gonna be a great fight. Swick is coming off a pretty boring fight with Burkman, so he has something to prove in the middleweight class. Davis probably holds the record for fight bonuses because of his fighting style. I don’t think Davis will be able to submit Swick. Davis has gotten wobbled legs in a couple of his UFC fights so we know his chin isn’t impervious. Davis just seems to always find a way to win when he is losing even in the first round. Swick hasn’t been able to finish his last three fights. I think Davis wins via some kind of unforseen move.



Nate Marquardt Vs. Thales Leites
(Thales Leites Wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round)
Leites know some good submission moves, but Nate is just hard in the stand up and on the ground. I just don’t see this fight going Leites’ way. Nate the Great wins via submission in the third.



Fabricio Werdum Vs. Brandon Vera
(Fabricio Werdum Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:40 in the 1st round )
A good fight here. I really don’t know if Werdum is gonna play it safe in the clinch or if he is gonna come in swinging. Vera wants some blood after his last fight I am sure so this fight should be explosive. I see Vera wins via TKO in the first round.

FABER Vs. PULVER - WEC June 1, 2008

Posted by Billy Gamble
In MMA News/Articles
28May 08

On Sunday, June 1, 2008 Featherweight Champ Urijah Faber will take on former UFC Champ Jens Pulver at the Acro Arena in Sacramento, CA.

New Podcast interviews !!!

Urijah Faber interview

Jens Pulver interview

May 31 EliteXC Saturday Night Fights show. The event, airing live on CBS, takes place at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. This is going to be a good fight between two of the best women in MMA. Kaitlin is reported to be in great shape, but Gina has been rumored to have only started training a few weeks ago for this fight. Kaitlin is the longer leaner fighter and Gina is a little bigger.

Check out the video of Kaitlin doing some caveman training.

Faber Vs. Pulver - June 1st 2008

Posted by Billy Gamble
In MMA News/Articles
13May 08

With the highly anticipated fight between BJ Penn and Sean Sherk coming up, it might be easy to forget the matchup between Pulver and Faber, not to mention, it will be free. Faber is at the top of his game, in his prime, and Pulver is born again in the WEC’s featherweight division. This championship bout will either cement Faber’s position as the featherweight champ of the world or breathe life back into an older MMA icon.


Faber Vs. Pulver
WEC - World Featherweight Championship
Live June 1st at 9PM Eastern Time on Versus
Check TV Listing on





Quinton’s movie career isn’t off to a bad start among other MMA stars that have tried to grace the silver screen. He has been in a few movies, but one of the recent ones that has been released did exceptionally well. In 2008 on April 13th in the Beverly Hills Film Festival the film “Bad Guys” won Best Picture, Best Lead Actor, Best Producer and the Viewers Choice Award.



Movie Trailer Link:

Movie Link:

Jackson’s Acting History Link:

BHFF Link:

UFC 83 Predictions & Results

Posted by Billy Gamble
In MMA Event Results
18Apr 08

Pretty good night for the headlining fights. I am sure everyone will be tuning in mostly for the Serra Vs. GSP fight to see if the “fluke” in Houston, TX was real or not. Some decent under card match ups and some familiar fighters trying to make name for themselves and climb up the ranks.



Matt Serra Vs. Georges St-Pierre
(Georges St-Pierre Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:45 in the 2nd round)
One of Serra’s coaches Ray Longo said that they will be using the same game plan as before. We did not see alot of it since the fight did not last very long. At the time of the last fight I do remember hearing Longo’s words of wisdom to Serra that if he knocked Pierre down not to rush in for the ground game, but to sit back and pick his shots. This was pretty clever, but it is only relevant if he happens to catch GSP again with a hook behind the ear. Pierre will have a solid plan A, B and C. Pierre has never been accused of fighting a boring fight, but even if he wanted to he proved with Josh Koscheck that he can take down and hold anyone of any ground fighting pedigree. He has made statements that he will fight an exciting fight with Serra and will not be afraid of being knocked out. Those words might just be for the press, because Greg Jackson has shown some serious gamesmenship with his top fighters as of late winning even the thought fights. I will go with the 10-1 odds that were used in their last fight together saying that GSP will win via Montreal, Canada.


Travis Lutter Vs. Rich Franklin

(Rich Franklin Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:01 in the 2nd round)

Lutter is a simple guy and his fight analysis of this fight was pretty simple as well. He said that he was gonna try to take Rich down and if he did he would win. If he could not take Rich down he would lose. Well I would have to agree and think that this is how it will go down. Each guy is known for each others strong suit, but both of these guys like many MMA fighters train in striking or ground fighting so even if it does not go in each others world of expertise I would not count out the MMA X-Factor that shows up from time to time. I will go with Lutter winning via submission in the second.


Nate Quarry Vs. Kalib Starnes

(Nate Quarry Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round)

I am sure we will see some blood in this fight for sure. Both of these guys have the tendency to cut and brawl when they are losing. I really don’t know between these two since there power and standup seems to be the same. Quarry is a little bit better wrestler so maybe Nate via decision after hopefully some good sluggin in between.


Charles McCarthy Vs. Michael Bisping

(Michael Bisping Wins by TKO Stoppage (Referee) at 5:00 in the 1st round)

I just think Bisping is gonna pick apart McCarthy. Bisping in his last few fights hasnt had alot of power in his punches, but maybe we will see a renewed Englishman in the middleweight division Saturday night. I think he was to light powered in the light heavyweight class and he will probably find more power in the octagon fighting at 185. McCarthy is just gonna be the first one to witness it. Bisping wins via TKO in the first round.


Mark Bocek Vs. Mac Danzig

(Mac Danzig Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:48 in the 3rd round by rear naked)

It will be good to see Danzig fight in the Octagon in his regular weight. In a short summary Mac is just way more well rounded a fighter and excels in any spot this fight might end up. Mark is just gonna have a hard time holding on to this fighter. Mac wins via RNC after some punches.

This card is so stacked with talent. I wish they could show all of the fights, but maybe we will get lucky and some first round KO’s will happen.



Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Lauzon

(Kenny Florian Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:28 in the 2nd round)

The Main fight of the night between two good lightweights that have proven themselves already. This fight will help put them in contender-ship positioning in the UFC’s lightweight division. Lauzon has stated that his striking is better, but Florian’s kicks are better. In the stand up arena these guys might cancel each other out enough to make a good reason for Lauzon to want to take this to the ground. Although Kenny is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Joe seems able to control his opponents with a vicious ground and pound that fighters have trouble with. I am going with Lauzon getting a TKO or dazed RNC in the third round for the win.


Thiago Alves Vs. Karo Parisyan

(Thiago Alves Wins by Technical Knock Out at 0:34 in the 2nd round)

This is gonna be so cool if Karo is well conditioned. Both of these guys really bring the “heat.” Karo usually excels at controlling the fight and the fighter, but Alves is too explosive to hold in a box. I really don’t know who will win this one. Gonna go with a guess that Karo will win yet again via decision.


Matt Hamill Vs. Tim Boetsch

(Matt Hamill Wins by Technical Knock Out at 1:25 in the 2nd round ) 

Everybody is wanting to see Boetsch back in the octagon after he man-handled David Heath. Hamill is not one of those guys that loses the clinch game, so this will be a good challenge for Boetsch. I hope to see some new moves from Hamill, but I think he will probably grind out a decision win over Boetsch.


Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Nate Diaz

(Nate Diaz Wins by Submission (Choke) at 3:06 in the 2nd round by triangle choke after double fingers and flexing his guns) 

This is gonna be a cool fight between two good ground fighters. Kurt proved that he has more than just ground skills in his last fight by getting a TKO. Even though Diaz is one of my favorite fighters, he hasn’t yet showcased his skills with his stand up. Hopefully, both of these guys’ ground games will cancel out and they will be forced to stand up. Maybe Diaz wins via submission in the second.


Gray Maynard Vs. Frank Edgar

(Gray Maynard Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round )

Frankie Edgar is a good fighter with an all go-no-play attitude. Maynard is a lightweight with with tons of power. Both of these guys can wrestle with the best of them. I really don’t know who will win this match between these two similar opponents. Maybe Edgar wins via decision.


James Irvin Vs. Houston Alexander

(James Irvin Wins by Technical Knock Out at 0:08 in the 1st round )

Alexander is back in the ring for the first time since his defeat, so I think he will come with it hard. He knocked out two guys before his defeat and a lot of people were thinking he was THE up and comer. I think he will want to get back to this ascent soon, but it all starts with Irvin in his way. James Irvin just seems to run out of steam in many of his fights. None of us have seen Alexander out of the first round inside the octagon, so this will be something new to see. Can Irvin keep it up after the first round and can Alexander finish in the first like his other fights? Stay tuned until April 2nd. I am going with Alexander winning via TKO first round.

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